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06/13/13 10:56 AM #1    

Sharry Rugendorf (Falcon)

David Danzinger went to Lincolnwood school and then on to Niles West.  I did not know him.  I can't remember ever ever ever talking to him in the 8 years I saw him.  I do not know anything about him, so I looked him up in the senior year book.

in the senior year book was just his photo. There was nothing written under his name.  I thought, did he turn in the info to late or did he just disappeared after classes.  Does anyone know.??? Being curious, and somewhat bored, I found my 8 th grade Lincoln Log.  I looked up his name and wow, there was some writing.  David Danzinger wanted to be an architect. Now I know one thing about David. He had ambition.

For those of you who are reading my memorial, David interested me.  I have been thinking about how someone that cute, with those blue eyes, long eye lashes, and curly blonde hair could go unnoticed.  David was someone I scared in fourth grade. I would stare at him and pretend I was looking at my friend, Scott Thorton. David had all the features of a doll.  Mattel probably noticed him too, they made a ken doll  that looked like David, but forgot to include the curly blonde hair.

If someone out there knows something about David other then the word archiet, please let me know.  I'm sure Im not the only one who thought he was a doll.

hugs and kisses David

from the girl  who stared at u.

my I pad does not have spell check



06/14/13 06:20 PM #2    

Beverlee Ann Arpan (Marshall)

What's an archiet?

06/14/13 09:31 PM #3    

Sharry Rugendorf (Falcon)

Bev, that's architect.

03/17/14 01:57 PM #4    

Marilyn Alice Cole, Mt (Bolgioni)

I feel as though I must say something about Dave.....Dave was married and had three beautiful children.  His last child was just born and Dave died of cancer.  He was around 30 years old!  Dave stood up for Dick Bolgioni and I when we got married in 1969.  If it wasn't for Dave Danzinger I would never have met Dick.  And if I had never met Dick I wouldn't have married him and had two children.  And if we never had our two children we wouldn't have had five beautiful grandchildren .......Thank you Dave!  You passed away much too young....!  

03/18/14 12:26 PM #5    

David Steinberg (Noel)

Dear Marilyn, I am touched by your comments.  Thank you very much for sharing with us.  Best, David

03/18/14 01:04 PM #6    

William Henricks

Dave was really great guy and a lot of fun to be around, and it is hard to believe that he has died. I saw him sometime in I think 1973 and he did not look too good, but I knew he was a heavy smoker and that will never make you look better. Did Dave Danziger ever get to be an architect? Also who did Dave marry was she in our graduating class?


Will Henricks

03/19/14 01:11 PM #7    

Glen Martin Zimmerman

I new Dave and I'm sorry to hear he died. I wish the best to his family.

03/19/14 01:21 PM #8    

Theodore John Forsberg

i knew Dave- he lived just north of Pratt ave next door to st. johns lutheran church. as i recall his mother made him go to church. he was a very funny and nice guy probably the closest to a guy like the fonz


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