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Ellen Ann Silberman

Ellen Ann Silberman

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05/12/13 03:00 PM #1    

Sharry Rugendorf (Falcon)

Sweet Ellen

im sorry you can't be with us at the reunion. I know you will be missed.  You were the shortest of all the Lincolnwood girls in our class and one of the nicest.  You always put people first, never gossiped, lied, stole anyone's boy friend,or cheated on a test.  You were the nice girl all 4ft 10 in. of you.

for those of you who don't remember,  Ellen she lived on the same block as Sharon Rodnick and Bruce Potter. Ellen always wanted to be accepted and well like by her peers, and that she was.  I don't remember seeing Ellen in high school. It could be that she went to class, stayed out of detention, and didn't smoke in the bathroom.

in or about 1975 Ellen, still unmarried, and very pretty was walking to her car in old orchard.  There was a man hiding under her car who attacked her.  It took her a long time to recover and she did.  She was the strongest woman I ever met...all 4 ft. 10 of her., to recover from such a violent attack.  She went on to start her own successful company and eventually dated a great guy. Ellen finally found true love. I had thought she married him but she did not.

the last time I saw Ellen, was the night before our 30 th reunion.  Rodnicks mother arranged for Sharon and I to go out to dinner with Ellen and take her to the pre union party.  Ellen was happy, healthy, and looked like a million dollars.  She had everything she wanted but children.  

Ellern missed being a mother. It was nice seeing her agin and spending time with her. She was very upbeat and fun. That was the last time I saw Ellen.

several years later Sharon called to tell me Ellen was sick.  Ellen had been taking care of her elderly mother and had a stroke.  She died a few days later.  What I do know is the last part of Ellen's life was great.  She was happy,and had a successful business....and she didn't care if she was the shortest of all the Licolnwood girls...she was now the happiest.

i will think of you on reunion day with the rest of the lincolnwood girls...Robin and Sharon, Marcy Keno, and Ellen.

once again the pint on my iPad is to small and I still have my glasses on....and no I don't own a real computer.





05/15/13 10:38 PM #2    

Holly Semiloff (Ciotti)

I knew Ellen since about 4th grade, along with Sharry Rodnick (we called her Sharry then). We all lived on Kenneth.  Ellen's bedroom was pink, just like her princess phone and her dolls and the dust ruffle on her bed.  Pink, and pitite.  I felt like a klutz next to her.  Shd had a brother who was much older than her.  I was so jealous, I chewed nails.  I wanted an older brother in the worst way, just like Ellen.  Instead I was saddled with three younger sisters.  Ellen's house was pristine clean, everything in its place.  We didn't hang around too much once we went to high school.  She remained quiet and petite; I embraced teenage angst and threw melodramatic tantrums.

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