In Memory

Art Wulf

Art Wulf

Art Wulf and his wife Jan Morgan Wulf were murdered by their 36 year old son on June 1, 2016 in a murder/ suicide at their winter home in Las Vegas.  Art's son, who was living with them at the time, was suffering from depression and went berserk. They leave behind a daughter and two other sons.

For those of you who don't remember Art, I'll remind you who he was.  Art was from Lincoln Hall. He was friends with Richard Zaitlin, Scott Mermel and Steve Spitz. Art was on student council, school news paper,, intramurals, and the swim team. He went on to become a lawyer and bought a home in Northbrook, where he raised his children. Art and his wife were married for more than forty years. 

Our 50th reunion was conceived in Art Wulf's family room.  Art was the voice of the reunion, telling me to stop spending money. He was shy until you got to know him. However, those he touched will miss him very much.

Sharry Falcon (Rugendorf)