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11/10/18 10:11 AM #4595    


Janis Kliphardt (Emery)

One of my favorite exhanges on the website:

Janis Lowy Mullin: "Je regarde autour de moi."

Rosalie Stemer: "Je dis bonjour au professeur. Je prends ma place."

Carolyn Alport Spier: "Je vois les eleves et le professeur."


Condolences to Janis’ family and friends. 

We remember you.



11/10/18 02:36 PM #4596    


Larry Metnick

In order to encourage the sharing of thoughts by the greatest number of participants, I suggest we voluntarily adopt a modified version of NO CROSS TALK. Everyone should strongly state their facts and opinions. I find it more interesting to read both sides of an issue. However, I believe we can counter other’s views without making it personal. I do not feel we should personally berate other classmates in a public forum.

11/10/18 05:33 PM #4597    


Beverlee Ann Arpan (Marshall)

Thank you to our Veterans of the US Armed Forces.  HUGS to you. You are our heroes.

11/10/18 08:30 PM #4598    


Paul Richard Hain

Hi Steve,

You know how much I respect you, your life accomplishments, love of family, helping children and your opinions. Yes, even your opinions.  The questions you raise are valid enough to warrant an inquiry. As stated previously, I am not here to debate. Nothing I could say would have any effect on what you believe, Steve. 

Your passion against the president, majority leader of the senate and all those who have supported Trump, which includes me, has dominated your political views on this forum since before the 2016 election!  The outlet you desire to deal with your frustration is to seek debate with me, Carol or anyone who holds conservative views.  That sucked the air out of the Forum in the recent past, resulting in people withdrawing from participating (unfortunately) as Niles West 64 classmate. What a shame!  Lack of respet, humiliation and frustration drove them away.  That is now in the past, and I am not going to restart it with more pointless debate.  I do not intend to contribute to another stiffling vacuum.  If, and when I write, I hope it to be meaningful, entertaining and informative. I will not try to tear down another classmate's opinion, including yours. The debate became angry exchanges and became repulsive to many former posters and "lurkers."

Our classmates hold lots of political opinions.  I'm going to respect them, including yours, especially if I disagree.  

11/10/18 08:40 PM #4599    


Paul Richard Hain

Hurray!  Thanks to all our classmates that have served in the uniform of our country.  You deserve a special place of honor.

11/10/18 11:45 PM #4600    


Steven Ray Hirschtick

Hi Paul. You still do not seem to understand. This has absolutely nothing to do with you or me, or families or accomplishments. You choose to add these factors. I do not comment upon your conservative views (as I also have some). I comment SOLELY upon your posts.  Post whatever you wish about trump or conservative values. I get to disagree. I ask questions. You ignore them, choose to not answer and then attack me. Just like trump. I think that you and Carol wish to withdraw my "pass" to here just like trump now does to Press. You can improve your attacks, just bring Don Schwartz back to help you. His personal attacks on me were much more vicious and intense than what you and Carol are throwing.....yet I am the person ruining this Forum according to you.

Trump and GOP ignore Constitution daily.......just look at my two questions. You ignore trump conduct and attack me and my questions..........this is what you learned from trump, to ignore questions and attack source. That would not work at Niles West years ago and not will it work here. Attacking me does not answer my legitimate questions. Your team is ignoring Constitution you claim to know and cherish, yet you appear here and attack liberals, youth and me. All readers here have brains and can judge for themselves. Why not let them by answering the questions. Paul, what do you think of Matt Whitaker as US AG? Simple question......why not answer rather than attacking me? My guess is you have no you pull a trump. Attack the questioner......pull his Press pass.......blame him for destroying Forum. Yes, all things bad here my fault Paul.......but wait, Forum still exists after many years .  Death notices posted, golf scores posted, some folks chat, and yes, the number one issue facing America today of trump seriously damaging U.S. is also discussed. Seems like a well-operating Forum. Too bad that you do not like some posts. I do not like your shallow posts wrapping yourself in Constitution you seem to not comprehend, so I also get to comment. That apparently seems to be what you and Carol do not like : my exercise of free speech. [Carol earns mention here by the insults she is now privately sending to me and maybe others about me. Show everybody who you are Carol.....Post here. Why save your attacks for them.]

In your next post Paul, please shift focus to explain to all how and why I am solely responsible for global warming.

Paul, you post here, so why not accept the adult responsibility for your words? Act with some maturity and respond to legitimate questions asked here about what you post here. If you believe that Whitaker appointment as US AG is OK under the Constitution, then tell us. Your silence speaks louder than your insults.

This Forum expires and ends next year who will you blame then?

11/11/18 12:19 AM #4601    


Janis Kliphardt (Emery)

I am listening and learning-- does built-in gerrymandering help make sense of my concern about lopsided power in the U.S. Senate?  

Carol insults me by private message-- tells me she hasn’t been on the website since her last post, just happened to check in... no tolerance for my voice, no awareness of all Trump is doing to undermine our country.


“It’s incredible that a U.S. President would travel to France for ceremonies to honor the military sacrifice in World War I, and then cancel his visit to the U.S. military cemetery 50 miles outside of Paris because of rain.  The White House announced that Trump and the First Lady had scuttled plans to visit the solemn Aisne Marne American Cemetery, marking the ferocious Battle of Bellevue Wood.  Meanwhile dignitaries arrived at other sites outside Paris, including Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and French President Emmanuel Macron.  Rather than pay in person his respects to the Americans and the French who died together in France for the victory gained 100 years ago on Armistice Day, November 11, 1918, Trump spent significant time during the anniversary - in out of the rain - in the U.S. ambassador’s residence in Paris watching TV.”

Trump deployed more than 5,600 active-duty troops to the southern U.S. border.  Of the deployment ordered, 2,800 troops were sent to Texas, 1,500 to Arizona, and 1,300 to California.  The troops are fanning out across the southern U.S. border and are in camps filled with tents and military equipment.  Troops are installing barbed wire fencing, others are preparing medical tents.  They are living with little electricity, eating MREs, and not receiving combat pay, and will spend the holidays away from home WAITING for the caravan.  The closest migrant caravan is still in Mexico, hundreds of miles from the U.S. border.  The day after the midterm elections, the Pentagon announced it was no longer calling the mission “Operation Faithful Patriot” — instead re branded it “border support”.

Has Trump not used the U.S. military for a pre election political stunt? 

Instead of honoring those who fought and died for America, Trump sat in out of the rain watching TV in the U.S. ambassador's residence in Paris.

Bravo to all our veterans - special congratulations to veterans running and winning and going to the U.S. House of Representatives as Democrats.


11/11/18 02:39 AM #4602    


Steven Ray Hirschtick

Carol and Paul have posted here often about how my posts have insulted people and driven some folks away.  I have indeed aggressively posted against posts (not people!) that deserve an aggressive reply because, for example, they are false or ignore proven/provable facts.  Carol talked about how we should all be nice to each other.  I actually agree that as people we should be nice to each other.  But ignorant or incorrect or hypocritical posts need to be called out.  I have occasionally done so. 

I have been attacked often, sometimes viciously.  So what……….just words, no sticks or stones.  In the interest of an informed readership and in reply to Carol talking about how we should all be nice to each other and that she was absolutely, positively done posting here, please read what I just received from Carol and my reply.  Carol, please correct any misquoting here.

Carol to me today: "You know, I used to really care for you...And so has Paul. Now I just see you as no more than a pompous bully."

Carol to me again 40 minutes later (apparently #1 not sufficiently insulting): "In fact, no matter how rude and condescending you so often are with Paul, I've never known him to say a word against you. You should feel ashamed but I fear you have no shame."

My reply: "I thought that you were done......again. Your words and Paul’s lack.....intelligence, but you keep posting. I will make all your posts public. Leave me alone.....or learn to think."

11/11/18 03:16 AM #4603    


Steven Ray Hirschtick

I just read Janis' most recent post.  Seems like Carol has also been attacking her in private.  Seems like Carol's current MO is to not be willing to post her insults so all readers can see and judge, but to come for us (at least Janis and me) in private.  Bad form Carol..........if you can say it to a classmate, then you can say it here so all will know.  Just saying........

11/11/18 03:21 AM #4604    


Steven Ray Hirschtick

And Paul, just for clarification...........I have some liberal beliefs and some conservative (as you and I have discussed in private), so I am open to all as long as it makes sense (you know, logic and supported by facts).  What I really oppose is trump's political beliefs: moronic and extremely disrespectful to anybody not a white male.. 

11/11/18 10:18 AM #4605    


Nancy Doyle (Sudlow)

Well said, Larry.

Ditto to Bev's post.

11/11/18 11:00 AM #4606    


Janis Kliphardt (Emery)

at the eleventh hour on the eleventh day of the eleventh month

church bells are chiming in celebration of Armistice Day

and tolling in memory of those who gave their lives.


11/11/18 01:01 PM #4607    


Janis Kliphardt (Emery)

"Nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism."    --Emmanuel Macron  “Let’s add up our hopes and not our fears.  Let’s reject the fascination for turning in on ourselves, violence, and domination.  We have global challenges to tackle together.”


World leaders walked shoulder to shoulder along the Champs Elysses to the Armistice ceremony in Paris (Donald and Melania Trump arrived separately (and late) at the ceremony, they did not participate in the procession).  

Donald Trump did not attend the Peace Forum Macron hosted during the weekend.

***Trump did nothing in observance of Veterans' Day in the U.S. -- no visit to Arlington National Cemetery or Walter Reed Medical Center.

****Trump has gone so far as to tell Florida to ignore military votes and go with the count on Election Day.


The problems we face as a nation and with one another are not going to work themselves out just passively watching and not challenging ourselves as well as one another.

I am a Christian and an American.  I pray that merciful God forgives us for our lack of participation with the world.  We have not loved our neighbors as we love ourselves; we have not loved and respected our young as we love and respect ourselves.  I pray for personal forgiveness for my sins in thought, word, and deed.  I pray that God grants us peace.



11/11/18 04:25 PM #4608    


Janis Kliphardt (Emery)

 The Dangerous Myth of Good Guys With Guns

    good guys with guns aren’t bullet-proof

    they just die first

    because the gun

    lets the bad guy with a gun

    know where to start  


Trump is the guy who said he'd enter a school with an active shooter

     he’s also the guy who didn’t walk in the rain to honor soldiers.  



11/11/18 11:17 PM #4609    

Stewart Myrent

​I did see Sharry's post about the passing of Janis Lowy.  I don't really remember knowing her, but of course, losing a contemporary is often a reminder of the capriciousness of life.  I thought that Janis K's memory of one of her favorite posts, an exchange with Janis Lowy, Rosalie & Carolyn, all in French, was mystifying, as I took 4 years of H.S. French & didn't understand one line of the exchange.  (I was one of 2 boys, still taking French in the 4th year.  Don't remember who the other boy was.)  Was also nice to see Larry chipping in.  Yes, can't we all be friends?  Holy cow, I just got back from work & it seems like all hell has broken loose here.  Steve, I'm sure you resented the "you're no more than a pompous bully" remark.  Personally, I think you're WAY more than a pompous bully.  Way more intelligent, way more informed, way more thoughtful & way more empathetic.  Also, I way prefer the Trump voodoo doll to the "hand-in-the-face" picture.  I never was crazy about the "hand-in-the-face" picture, as I always thought it was a "talk to the hand" picture, which I consider to be disrespectful.  Janis, thank you for your thoughts on Trump's visit to France for the commemoration of 100 yrs. since the end of WW1.  Veteran's Day.   I actually thought that this trip was a no-brainer - I mean, how could anyone actually screw this up?  You fly over to France, you meet with your European counterparts, you make a speech about the fallen soldiers of each country (how they gave everything!) & talk about our mutual dependence & reliance on each other, to ensure that nothing like that ever happens again & you fly home.  How tough is that?  Not too tough - I could do it!  Apparently, that was expecting too much from out current president.  That's right, he took a "gimme" & blew it!  This is getting tiresome.  I just think he tries to wear everybody out.  Is it working?

11/12/18 08:11 AM #4610    


Steven Ray Hirschtick

Painting by A. Alop, Niles West, Class of 1964

11/12/18 10:26 AM #4611    


Janis Kliphardt (Emery)

Albert Einstein, I presume.

Thanks for all you contribute to the Forum, Alan.  Thanks, Steve, for sharing Alan’s painting.

11/12/18 11:16 AM #4612    


Carol Helen Kretschmar (Riffner)

Dear classmates...I've chosen not to continue posting on this forum because I personally don't like what it's become.  Nonetheless, I find myself center stage in controversy.  Steve had no business posting my personal message to him.  When it says "send a private message," I have expectations that privacy will be honored.  I can certainly understand that my words might anger him, but he should have dealt with me directly in resolving it.  There was no edifying value in bringing it here.  I'm hopeful my presence here, and any dissension associated with it, will be put to rest.

11/12/18 01:25 PM #4613    

Stewart Myrent

​Steve, that picture painted by Alan Alop, better be Albert Einstein.  If it isn't, he's a crappy painter. If it is, however, then he's pretty damn good!  But, this is coming from a person who still draws "stick figures" of humans, even at age 71.  I forgot to ask yesterday, you posted that "this Forum expires and ends next year...".  I wasn't aware of that.  So, I have 2 questions: (1) is there some fee that can be paid to continue the Forum annually & assess whomever wants to continue it, a portion of said fee, and (2) if that doesn't work, for whatever reason, I will assume that we can stay in touch with other classmates, through whatever means works for everybody. Let me know your thoughts, everyone.  Carol, I have one word for you.  Yikes!

11/12/18 10:11 PM #4614    


Donald Henry Kuehn

I had a uncle (actually he was my mother’s uncle) who used to take me along during his 2 week vacation when he went fishing in Minnesota. He was a veteran of both WWI and WWII (and had a license plate on his car to comemmorate it).

My father was in the landing force at Utah Beach on D-Day and “took one for the team” somewhere in Belgium during WWII, spent a month in the hospital and then went back to the 4th Infantry Division for the duration of the war.

Today, actually officially yesterday, is Veterans’ Day. To all of our classmates who served in Vietnam, or in service of our country in any capacity... thank you.


11/13/18 09:20 AM #4615    


Janis Kliphardt (Emery)

As Nancy Novak Irwin knows

When Words Fail

Music Speaks

Nancy, we miss your voice.


A salute to the dreamers

and the creators,

those with the courage to share

the beauty of their souls

and the skill to paint

glorious pictures,

whatever their medium.


Stewart, count me in:

another classmate determined

to find a way to stay in touch...

(with greetings to Richard Zaitlen, Sharry Rugendorf Falcon, Larry Nelson,...



11/13/18 09:29 AM #4616    


Alan A. Alop

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Calling for an “immediate end” to the recount in Florida, Donald J. Trump warned on Monday that it could set a dangerous precedent of the person with the most votes winning.

Speaking to reporters at the White House, Trump said that those in favor of the recount had a “sick obsession with finding out which candidate got the most votes.”

“Democrats are going on and on about counting every last vote until they findout who got the most,” Trump said. “Since when does getting the most votes mean you win?”

Trump said that, if the recounts are allowed to proceed, “We could be looking at a very bad, very sad situation where to be considered legitimately elected you have to get more votes than the other candidate.”

Having just returned from the Armistice commemoration in Paris, Trump said that Florida’s recount has made America “the laughingstock of the world,” adding, “Putin told me they never do recounts in Russia.”

11/13/18 12:55 PM #4617    

Stewart Myrent

​Alan, I'm sad to say that one or two paragraphs into your most recent post, I found myself thinking, "what is this - is this even possible?" & thinking, "of course, it's possible!"  But then I realized that I had been taken in by your "fake news", but absolutely hilarious!  You've brightened my day.

11/13/18 04:24 PM #4618    


Ronald I. Zager

Hi guys and gals--it's been a while.  I've not been lurking, just not willing to get involved in some of the pettiness that seems to permeate this site.  Seems that (much like the current occupant of the oval office) some of us hear disagreement and take it to be a personal attack then have to hit back.  Not me!  Since losing the prom king/queen vote (sorry, Nancy, that you didn't win, but Pete and Donna were very deserving of the honor) I've decided to leave high school behind.

So on a positive note, I agree with Larry (#4596), Bev (#4597), and Nancy (#4605).  And Carol (#4612), even though I don't often agree with you on many issues I do agree that private conversations should remain private, and I promise to respect your privacy with anything you wish to share with me.

Now I'll publicly share some of my good news:  my daughter, Anne, graduated in August from Smith College with a MSW degree and now has (every parent's dream) a good job with benefits, my son, Bob (Yale MBA '13), got married in September up in Maine and lives just two hours from Anne in Cambridge, MA, and I attended my Knox College 50th reunion up in Galesburg, Il.  Holly Thompson (Nelson) was there with her current husband of some 50 years, Rich.  Mike Wynn (also in our NTHS-W '64 class) is a fellow Knox alum but did not attend the reunion.

How about the rest of you--any good college reunion stories you'd like to share?  Now that the election is over it might be refreshing to catch up on what is happening in our lives outside of the voting booth and away from D.C.

Happy Thanksgiving to all !


11/13/18 09:22 PM #4619    


Paul Richard Hain

Alan, the young people who loath our country are not the Parkland kids.  They are the likes of Antifa smashing windows and burning things at U of California, Berkeley; attacking the Homeland Security Secretary Nielsen, Senator Cruz and his wife Heidi and Senator McConnell and his wife while they attempted to eat in peace at retstaurants.  And, a band of young people that wore hoods, protested in front of Tucker Carlson's home at night.  While he was gone, they yelled and screamed, pounded on his front door while Mrs. Tucker and their children huddled in an inner room.  When morning came, the Tuckers found their driveway had been spray painted with the Antifa symbol.  Is that okay with you?

How about protesters disrupting approved speeches at universities such as happened to Ben Shapiro and Ann Coulter.  Supposedly, that was done to prevent free speech.  This is not the kind of behavior that makes me proud of our youth or what is being taught to them. 

Steve, I wrote a reply to you at the time of Garland's appointment that the Senate should do its duty.  Now that you bring it up again, I looked at my copy of the Constitution and it does not say that the Senate must consider every apointee. 

I have not made any statement regarding Whitaker's appointment or statements defending the Trump topics you mention.  I'm not going to.

Ron, those are wonderful developments in the lives of your family. Fifty years since college graduation is very cool.  Dee and I went to my Alma Mater, Northern Illinois University Homecoming game against Akron to celebrate my 50th.  Had a good time talking to undergrads working at a restaurant about the place 50 years ago!

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